24v Beach Buggy- the Best Gift Your Kid Can Get! 

24v Beach Buggy– the Best Gift Your Kid Can Get!

A car is never just a car. It is, quite literally, your kid’s best friend!

Every time a child places his hands on the wheels of a car, he is overcome with sheer happiness and excitement. A car is a thrill a kid just can’t afford to miss. Be it your daughter or your son, if you have a child aged between 4 to 8, a ride-on car is simply the best gift they can get!

However, when it comes to electric cars, most parents tend to get a little worried. They have a number of questions but no specific answers. Will the ride-on car have a parental remote control? Will it work well if the ground surface is not even? How long will its battery last? Is the safety of the child assured?

The basic motive of Kidz Auto’s 24v Beach Buggy is to put you out of all such dilemmas!

The Beach Buggy is currently one of the most trusted ride-on cars in Australia. It doesn’t just give your child a delightful driving experience but it also helps them sharpen their cognitive and motor skills! No wonder every kid in Australia wants to be a part of this unparalleled joyride.

Here are a few features of the 24v Beach Buggy, which make it an ideal choice for your child!

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Powerful Driving Motors

To enhance the car’s power and performance, the Beach Buggy comes loaded with four driving motors (4 X 35w) and a 2 x 12 volts, 7Ah rechargeable battery! This increases both the car’s drive time and its capacity to run smoothly on different terrains. Be it a pavement, a road, a park or your backyard- the Beach Buggy will efficiently course through them all!

High-Speed Range

The 24v Beach Buggy runs at a minimum speed of 4 km/h and goes up to a maximum of 6 km/h. This range is sufficient for your kid to go on a whirlwind drive! The car further supplements this speedy adventure as it comes laced with both slow and fast gears. So, whether your child wants to go steady or plans to rush past quickly, the Beach Buggy makes everything possible!

Safety Equipment

If you are wondering whether the car is safe enough for your kid, you needn’t fret. The Buggy is armed with numerous safety equipment! The car has a weight capacity of 50 Kg. Therefore, no matter what the size of your kid is, the 24v Beach Buggy will hold him/her safely. It also has a seat belt to strap around your kid securely. To top this, the car comes with a 2.4G parental remote control which allows you to take over the vehicle whenever you want to!

Luxury and Comfort

The car is as stylish as it is luxurious. It has an adjustable leather seat which makes sure that your little driver is absolutely comfortable! Moreover, with its realistic headlights, working doors, battery indicators, USB sockets, adjustable rear suspensions, rubber tires and an MP3 connectivity, the 24v Beach Buggy is nothing if not a picture of complete grandeur.

And it doesn’t just end here! The vehicle comes with an Australian standard battery charger which makes sure that irrespective of how long it has been driven, the car can always get ready for the next bout! It also has an owner’s manual to guide you through the entire assembly process.

Get The Best for Your Kids Today!

Kidz Auto makes this wonderful ride available in multiple colours and gives your kids the opportunity to take their pick! It also ensures that your Buggy is shipped and delivered right to your doorstep.

A toy car opens many avenues for your child. It is not just a vehicle to play with. Instead, it is a window into the world. So, if you are wondering which is the best car to get for your kid, buy them a 24v Beach Buggy today!