4 Best Selling Ride-on Cars for Kids in Australia

4 Best Selling Ride-on Cars for Kids in Australia

Kids today are experiencing a new way of playing outside with ride-on cars. While video games are getting children hooked to the computer and phone screens, ride-on cars have become an excellent way to get children out in the sun and enjoy outdoors with double the thrill and ample benefits. It is no surprise that they have become so trendy, to the pleasure of both children and parents alike.

If you are deciding to buy a ride-on car, it is best to buy it from a company who has done extensive R&D on the safety and performance of their products. Kidz Auto is a Melbourne-based company that has quickly become one of the country’s leading ride-on car distributors since their business began in 2014. The quality of their products and outstanding customer service has earned them a reputation for quality and reliability.

Now get a look at the top-selling ride-on cars from Kidz Auto!

Kidz Auto 2018 ATV

With no other purpose but to bring thrill and excitement, the Kidz Auto 2018 ATV is all about speed and agility. With two driving motors powered by a 12 volts battery, it has a carrying capacity of up to 40kg with a maximum speed of 5kph. Its responsive steering and soft cushioning rubber tyres take the fun of driving to a whole new level. 

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The Kidz Auto 2018 ATV is equipped with a 2.4G radio parental remote control which enables quicker movement response. It also features a fully working radio, an inbuilt MP3 player, working lights, and more that make driving it even more exciting.

# Licensed 2018 Ford Ranger

The Licensed Ford Ranger 2018 is a ride-on car that will surely instil a spirit of adventure and love for the outdoors in your kid. Built for the great Australian outdoors, the sturdy and resilient frame of the Licensed Ford Ranger is equipped with four driving motors meant for optimum performance in the rough and rugged terrains. Powered by a 24-volt battery, it has an extra long drive time and features a weight capacity of 40kgs. The working suspension installed on the wheels turns the roughest of terrains into a joy ride.

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The Ford Ranger comes with several features like an inbuilt MP3 player, USD/SD card slots, working headlights and spotlights that will keep the little drivers entertained during the drive. It is suitable for kids between the age of 4 and 8.

Ride-On Police Car

Like its real-life counterpart, the Ride-on Police Car by Kidz Auto is flashy, agile and swift, and sure to get heads turning wherever it goes. With a working microphone, inbuilt MP3 player, authentic sounds and working lights, it has every function you would expect in a police car. The stunning aesthetics of the car is complemented by the neat leather seating giving your budding cops a classy driving experience. 

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The Police Car has twin driving motors powered by a 12-volt battery that races the car to a maximum speed of 5 Kph. Suitable for 3 to 8 year-olds, the car has a weight capacity of 30kgs. It is also equipped with a seat belt to protect the passenger on impact and enables parental remote control to assist drivers while chasing down bad guys.

24v Beach Buggy

The 24vBeach Buggy is a car built to cruise over the sandy shores of Australia with ease and speed. With its massive frame and wide tyres, it will take on anything you throw at it effortlessly. It has four driving motors powered by two parallel 12-volt batteries giving it a weight capacity of 50kgs and a top speed of 6kph. Suspension installed in the rear wheel can be adjusted to optimize the absorption of shocks while traversing over different terrains. The working lights mean that the fun doesn’t stop at night.

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Suitable for kids between the age of 4 and 8, the Beach Buggy has amazing features like battery level indicator, in-built MP3 player, slow start function and more that keep drivers thrilled and excited while they cruise around with excitement.

Final Thoughts

Parents in Australia are increasingly opting for ride-on cars as a great toy for kids of all ages. Apart from the uber cool factor, ride-on cars are fun and durable.

The biggest benefit that you get from buying one from Kidz Auto is that their products come with safety features like functional and adjustable seat belts, and a parental remote control function. While exploring the outdoors, these features will relieve you of any worries regarding the safety of your children while they have fun.