The Most Affordable Ride On Cars in Australia

The Most Affordable Ride On Cars in Australia

Are you one of those people who’ve always wanted to gift your kid a cool ride-on car, but the heavily-priced cars have always stopped you from buying one? Well, these ride on cars for kids by Kidz Auto will really get you all surprised because these cars are priced to fit your pockets making it an affordable choice for most parents looking to buy ride-on cars.

Kidz Auto prides itself about offering the best ride-on cars in the market. Today it is one of Australia’s leading ride-on car company, known for its excellent services and high-quality ride-on cars that never fail to impress. The company’s repository has a wide variety of electric ride-on cars, quad bikes, motorbikes and jeeps that you could choose from for your enthusiastic little drivers. All cars are tested to ensure the highest and safest quality ride-on cars for your kids.

If you’re looking to get your hands on some good priced ride on cars for kids then see no further than the list below.

Licensed Ford GT

There’s no better gift than to give your child this affordable Licensed Ford GT ride-on car. This is a cool and slick ride on car that your kid can enjoy. And watching your little one sit in this one will definitely bring you immense happiness. It’s made of high-quality material and is stylish enough for an assured head-turner and is going to be the talk of your neighbourhood.

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This Licensed Ford GT comes with fantastic features to ensure your child has a time of his life! Complete with a sound system, a built-in MP3 port, working lights and plush interiors – what more could you ask for in a ride-on car? It also comes with a gearstick with forward and reverse gears and a 12v battery and of course, a parental remote control and a seat belt to ensure your little one is safe in his car at all times.

Kidz Auto White ATV

Looking to gift your child a mean machine? How about this amazing Kidz Auto White ATV? In this one, your little one will definitely be the talk of the town grabbing all attention. And this is the perfect beast for your kids to tame the unruly Australian terrain!

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The features include twin driving motors, forward and reverse gears, a push-button start for an easy start, working lights, FM radio and 4 coil metal suspension to beat any kind of terrain for a smooth and safe ride. Your child will thank you for this cool Kidz Auto White ATV for sure because after all, he’s going to be the cool rider that everyone is talking about!

Licensed Maserati Gran Turismo MC

What more could you ask for? This Licensed Maserati Gran Turismo MC will never leave you disappointed. Affordable enough, this machine comes with some amazing features that give you great value for your money. It just doesn’t look cool but is packed with features that only impress.

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A built-in MP3 port that your little one could enjoy when riding around, working lights and interiors that look stylish and plush. All our ride-on cars come with safety first and this one is no different. It comes complete with a seat belt and a parental remote control too. 12v battery, twin driving motors, forward and reverse gears are the other added features that you could expect with this uber-cool ride-on car.

Motor Cross Bike

This Motor Cross Bike is nothing but cool. Your child can now ride around town with his/her Motor Cross bike that will attract attention immediately. Your little one can now feel the rush of what riding on a two-wheeler really feels like. There’s no age restriction when it comes to fun riding this Motor Cross bike. This bike is going to bring a broad smile on your kid’s face the minute he/she sits on it.

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The bike’s awesome look is complemented with its added features like sounds, lights and of course an amazing speed. It is also styled with forward gears and comfortable seating. So, don’t worry, your little one can now ride away in style, while you sit back and enjoy watching your child having fun on his Motor Cross bike.

Licensed Ford Focus

Ford is one cool car for adults and it’s no different for your kids now! Go in for this Licensed Ford Focus if you want to see your child happy and smiling. Also, its modest price is an added advantage for your pockets if you’re thinking of gifting your little one a ride-on car.

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A 12v battery with twin driving motors and forward and reverse gears are what make a ride on this car an easy breeze for your kids. Also, working lights and sound system with an MP3 connector keeps them entertained on the drive! Without compromising on the safety aspects, it comes with seat belts and a parental remote control. Sit back and watch your kids grow up riding this cool Licensed Ford Focus as you watch them gain all the right attention the minute they step into this car!

Kidz Auto Quad Bike

This exciting Quad bike is surely hardcore for the tough little ones. If your kid is the adventurous type who loves to explore, then get him this amazing Kidz Auto Quad Bike that amps up the opportunity to explore. This quad bike is a best-seller and is great for older kids looking to have some adrenaline-pumping adventure in their lives.

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 The rugged wheels can move over grass, gravel and even pavement – it’s great for any kind of terrain! The features include twin driving motors, forward and reverse gears, push button start, chrome features, mock suspension, cool dashboard looks and built-in music player. So, that your child can sing while he rides his huge quad bike, that’s a monster!

Get These Amazing Rides Today!

These ride on cars for kids brought to you by Kidz Auto are just amazing for your little ones. These are the best-priced ride on cars in the market today. Getting your child one of these ride-on cars is always a great choice as they always come packed with fantastic features and high-quality materials with all safety necessities in place.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your ride-on car today!