Coolest Cars for Girls! Our Huge Range of Ride on Cars for Girls

Coolest Cars for Girls! Our Huge Range of Ride on Cars for Girls

Daughters are always daddy’s little princesses! But who said girls don’t love cars as much as boys do?! Prove them wrong and gift your little doll a car that matches her strong and beautiful character.

Our wide range of the coolest ride on cars for girls makes sure that they can have all the adventure and thrill they want without having to compromise on style and beauty. Your little divas are going to love these cool drives that bring the best in form and function, together with the best in design just so they can have all the fun they want!

This range of ride on cars is not just going to make them settle for a drab looking toy but give them the coolest cars as only a princess deserves!

Kidz Auto Pink Jeep – Pink

Imagine a doll house turned into a car! Well, that’s what the Kidz Auto Pink Jeep is. This toy is for little girls who are ready to off-road and explore the outdoors with great flair and style.

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The Kidz Auto Pink Jeep comes with working doors, working lights, a capacity of up to 35 kgs with adjustable speeds of 3-5 kph. With forward and reverse gears powered by 12-volts 7Ah rechargeable batteries and 35W twin driving motors, watch your little fairy cruise in this ride on car, knowing well enough that she is both pampered and free. This is a must have for any girl who is ready to take on the road with pride!

Licensed Ford Ranger- Pink

Pack the best features of the latest edition of the 24v Licensed Ford Ranger (2018) with a colour customization especially designed for your daughter. Who said pink is not a girl’s favourite colour? Ask your daughter and she will tell you how much she loves it!

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This car comes with 24volt batteries, and four 35w driving motors is a treat full of fun, adventure, and fashion. With MP3 functionality, a key start, leather seats, anti-slip EVA tires and a speed range between 3-5 kph, the Licensed Ford Ranger makes a perfect toy for your little darling to explore the Australian outdoors. This ride on has a capacity of up to 40 kgs, working doors, working headlights and spotlights, a five-point seat belt and a working car boot tray to ensure you are gifting her the best. There’s no need to settle for a car that was designed for boys to play with when you can have one that is high-powered and strong yet alluring.

Licensed Maserati GranTurismo MC 

Slick design, sophistication, and fine quality. These are the tastes of a young lady. Bringing together elite design and fantastic features, the Licensed Maserati GranTurismo MC represents style at its best. This car is a head-turner and will have all of your daughter’s friends asking her for a test drive.

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The car ensures both comfort and safety of your daughter with great emphasis on luxury. It’s plush interiors and exteriors give it a grandeur and luxury look like no other. This car though is not just about good looks! It comes with a built-in MP3 port, a state of the art sound system, working lights, 12-volt batteries and a weight capacity of up to 35 kgs. This car is as poised, graceful and strong, pretty much like your little ballerina.

Licensed Le Ferrari – Yellow

If your daughter loves being the centre of attention then this one is certainly going to win her heart. It’s a Ferrari, in a popping yellow colour – as distinctive as your little princess. It’s almost magical with winged doors and design that would make her little heart skip a beat! Let her know she’s mommy’s and daddy’s favourite by treating her to this marvellous ride on car.

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What’s more is that it has all the other features that make a car worthwhile- forward and reverse gears, a weight capacity of 30 kgs, an MP3 Connector, LCD battery indicator, leather cushion seats, and seat belts make this the coolest of ride on cars. Powered by 2 X 6 volts 7Ah rechargeable batteries and twin 35W driving motors, and priced at just 349$, the Licensed Le Ferrari in Yellow is the coolest among ride on cars for a girl. This one is for a girl who knows what she wants and where she is going!

24v Beach Buggy – Pink

Long gone are the days when girls drove delicate little machines while the boys played with mean toys. If your daughter is as fierce and strong as she is sensitive and loving, then this is the car for her! The buggy is one for the wild outdoors and off-roading in a machine that is strong and sturdy to take on anything that comes its way.

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A high powered drive with 24-volt batteries and four 35W driving motors is the perfect first car or add-on for your daughter. This is a must-have addition to your little one’s car collection It comes with a parental remote control, MP3 functionality, adjustable leather seats, adjustable rear suspension, a USB/ SD card sockets, working doors, and a seat belt. Gift your daughter this and let her know she can take care of herself!

Buy them for your little girl!

Time to give your little girl something other than a doll or a dollhouse? Get in line with the changing times and give her lessons on independence with these really cool cars!

We at Kidz Auto ensure delivering both high quality and high safety products. These ride on cars come with parental remotes to make sure your daughters are safe on their ride. We love to give you a smooth delivery experience and offer both a self-pickup or a doorstep delivery.

Gifting these ride on cars to your kids has never been easier. If you choose the self-pickup option you can pick the ride on carfor free at Queensland (Brisbane), Victoria (Melbourne) and Western Australia (Perth). For a nominal cost, these cars can be shipped to your doorstep with pre-assembly, assembly on delivery and online lay-by options.

Order them now and gift your daughter the chance to explore her freedom! Prepare her for the amazing journey that lies ahead of her!