Coolest Ride on Cars in Australia

Coolest Ride on Cars in Australia

Finally, cars as cool as your kids are! These ride on cars will have your little ones announcing that they are the most dapper kids on the block. Packed with the stylish and sophisticated looks on the outside, and the best features on the inside these little machines are so good that you’ll want to buy them for yourself!

We at Kidz Auto, make sure that your kids’ ride on cars experience is just like that of you buying a car for yourself. With the best delivery times and services, great prices and the best quality, let your child flaunt how cool they are and have the best time of their life doing it.

Licensed Ford Ranger

The latest edition of the 24v Licensed Ford Ranger (2018) is the best of both worlds for your child- good looks and great features. This car powered by 2×12 volts 7Ah rechargeable batteries, and four 35w driving motors is a treat full of fun, adventure and much more drive time.

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Featuring MP3 functionality, a key start, leather seats, anti-slip EVA tires and a speed range between 3-5 kph, the Licensed Ford Ranger makes a perfect toy for your child to explore the Australian outdoors in a safe yet thrilling way. This ride on has a capacity of up to 40 kgs, working doors, working headlights and spotlights, a five-point seat belt and a working car boot tray to ensure you are gifting your child the best. This rugged ride on toy should be on your list if you are looking for a car that is both sturdy and wild. This official Licensed Ford Ranger is for a child who likes something strong and adventurous. It is suitable for children between 4-8 years of age.

Licensed Le Ferrari

If your kid likes “show-stopping” toys then this one will surely win his or her heart. It will also win the admiration of many other children make them envious of your kid’s prized possession. Authentic winged doors, make this fully licensed Ferrari, one huge head-turner of a car. This is not just a car, it’s an experience for any child between the age of 3-8 years.

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Forward and reverse gears, a weight capacity of 30 kgs, an MP3 connector, LCD battery indicator, leather cushion seats and seat belts make this the coolest of ride on cars. It is powered by 2 X 6 volts 7Ah rechargeable batteries and twin 35W driving motors. All these make the Licensed Le Ferrari the coolest among ride on cars at just a lucrative 349$.

24v Beach Buggy 

Whether or not your child has the other toy cars, this is the “king” of ride on cars and a must-have for every child. This massive beast of a car is like no other! This high-powered drive with 24-volt batteries and four 35W driving motors is the perfect ride for your kid to cruise in. This buggy is unparalleled when it comes to how cool and daring it is.

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This must-have addition to your little one’s car collection comes with a parental remote control, MP3 functionality, adjustable leather seats, adjustable rear suspension, a USB/ SD card sockets, working doors, and a seat belt. If your kid needs an adrenaline drive, then this is the one to go to! This one must be parked in every adventurous child’s collection of ride on cars.

Licensed Maserati GranTurismo MC 

Combining the best design and the best features, the Maserati GranTurismo MC defines beauty at its best. This car is not just a visual treat but has both comfort and safety. A plush interior and an exterior design make this a luxury ride on a car like no other.

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Want more reasons to buy it? A built-in MP3 port, a state-of-the-art sound system, a parental remote control, working lights, 12-volt batteries and a weight capacity of up to 35 kgs. Still not convinced? Get your little one to take a look at it and the look on their face should convince you to gift them one!

BMW S1000 RR Motorcycle

Cool cannot be boring and the BMW S1000 RR Motorcycle makes sure things are exciting in your kid’s driveway! Who doesn’t know the thrill of riding a motorcycle? It’s a completely different experience. Free, wild and spirited, the BMW S1000 RR motorcycle is the toy every kid wishes their parents buy them one!

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With a 12v motor and high speed of up to 5 kph, this motorcycle comes with a parental remote control to ensure safety. A weight capacity going up to 25 kg makes this a sturdy and well-built machine also ensuring that your child has the best in safety and quality while having the time of their life!

Licensed Mercedes AMG A45

If you want your little one to be just like you, so should their car be! This mini version of one of the most swanky cars on the road will have children gaping at it in awe.

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This sleek ride comes with a high shine black finish, parental remote control, plush leather interiors, three speeds, low battery indicator, a radio, and an MP3 player, all of which make this a perfect choice for the kid who is cool and has great taste. Suitable for children between the ages of 3-8, it also has working lights and the most authentic sound quality. If you’ve been on the lookout for a ride on car that combines fun with superior elegance, you have just found the best match for your kids!

Buy Them Now!

We at Kidz Auto deliver both high quality and safety products. These ride on cars come with parental remotes to ensure your child’s safety. We love to give you a smooth delivery experience and offer both a self-pick up or a doorstep delivery.

Gifting these ride on cars to your kids has never been easier. If you choose the self-pick up option you can pick the ride on car for free at Queensland (Brisbane), Victoria (Melbourne) and Western Australia (Perth). For a nominal cost, these cars can be shipped to your doorstep with pre-assembly, assembly on delivery and online lay-by options.

Order them now and gift your child something they’ve been dreaming of for so long!