Looking for a Ride on Car: Here are the Top 5 Picks for 2018

Looking for a Ride on Car: Here are the Top 5 Picks for 2018

Almost every kid has a fascination with moving things and when it comes to vehicles, cars and bikes are their top priority. There is nothing more enjoyable to a kid than driving their own car. Even at that age, putting their hands on the steering and pushing the pedal to make a car move is every kid’s dream!

Kidz Auto has the most amazing ride on cars of every type to keep your kids entertained and that is specifically built to keeping your child’s safety in focus.

It is this commitment towards the safety of kids that has made Kidz Auto one of the top sellers and best-rated ride on car suppliers.

You can choose from a wide variety of options at Kidz Auto, but we’ll now look at some which really stand out making it a great option for your kid.

Top five Ride on Cars for 2018

Here are our top five picks for Ride on Cars this year!

5. Kidz Auto Motor Cross Bike

Kidz Auto Ride on Bike

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At the fifth place is the Motor Cross Bike. This is without any doubt one of the coolest forms of motorsport on the planet. If this bike is added to your kid’s toy collection, it can bring an unparalleled level of awesomeness to your kid’s riding style. This is not only a safe but also an affordable and quality product which is worth its value. This bike is made for kids of a wide age range and that means, you can keep your child hooked on to it for years.

4. Licensed Ferrari

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The fourth place is caught by none other than the Licensed Ferrari. This supercar is an Italian luxury sports car which is almost every kid’s aspiration. When your kid gets into this ride, we make sure it will be one of the most luxurious experiences of your little one’s life.

This is a fully licensed style with winged doors and amazing functions just like the real one. The vibrant colour and the flawless style of this car will make it really hard to turn away from.

3. 4X4 Off Roader Sport

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At third place is the savage 4X4 Off Roader Sport. Discover the exceptional versatility of this iconic 4X4. What can be more amazing for your kid than driving a heavy off roader right around your neighbourhood?

With 4 driving motors, nothing can really stop this ride on car. No bad roads can turn this car away from its destiny. If your kid is all about the going, then this is the one.

2. 24v Beach Buggy

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Climbing up to the second place, the 24v Beach Buggy is the dream of every hardcore kid. It’s a massive ride on with a 24v battery and 4 motors along with its thick tires and big wheels. The absolute comfortable seating feature is the best-in-class for your kid. Filled with customisation options from leather seats to real working lights, this is the closest your kid can get to a dream beast car. This car is also made up of the best materials and is sure to prove to your kid its massive strength.

1. Licensed Ford Ranger

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And the top spot has been seized by the Licensed Ford Ranger. Now, who doesn’t like a Ford! Every single Ford car is a beauty in itself and when it is the Ford Ranger, it is one of the finest products. This too comes with 4 driving motors, a USB/SD card socket, an MP3 player and many more functions.

This is the exact model from Ford which is believed to bring the heritage of toughness, durability, and capability derived from a century’s time of Ford’s trucks.

Imagine your kid on this magnificent creation in summer days and feel how cool the presence of a Ranger makes.

Why Choose Kidz Auto Ride On Cars?

All our cars have direct control over the safety of your kids while some feature extended parent remote control. With great batteries plugged into these cars, they boast of an operating time that will surely surpass your expectations. Couple that with Kidz Auto‘s fantastic customer service, high-quality products and easy delivery options and you’ll definitely want to give our ride-on car a test drive. Choose our products if you want your kids to feel the joy of freedom in a completely safe and secure ride on toy!