The Perfect Christmas Gift – A Ride on Toy Car

The Perfect Christmas Gift – A Ride on Toy Car

Ride on toy cars make the perfect Christmas gift and your kid will really love it. At Kidz Auto, we believe that one of our ride on toy cars could be that gift. Kids love to pretend to be adults and what better way to act like your mum or dad than by having a car similar to theirs. Our range of ride on vehicles is one of the best available in Australia and New Zealand.

Look Like The Real Thing

When you are buying a ride on toy for your kid that is a copy of an adult version, it is obviously important that they look like the real thing. Our range of ride on cars and bikes not only look like the real thing but feel like the real thing too. They have been designed and constructed to capture the imagination of your kids. Take the 2017 Ford Ranger for example – if you saw a picture of our toy next to the original, you’d struggle to tell them apart.

Jam-Packed With Features

An electric ride on cars might be a really cool gift, but one that is jam-packed with awesome features is cooler still. Leather seats, seat belts, MP3 player compatibility, rubber wheels, working doors, lights and a whole lot more make these a gift your kid will never forget. These features help to make ride on toy cars and bikes more realistic. They also ensure that your kid will have hours of fun with them without getting bored.

Plenty To Choose From

All kids are different and with that in mind, ride on cars are the perfect option for your kid at Christmas, as there are plenty of different styles and types to choose from. If your kid just wants a car like mummy or daddy, then they will love the Licensed Audi Q7 or the Ford Ranger ride on cars. However, if they want something a bit flashier, they are bound to fall head over heels in love with the Licensed Yellow Ferrari and Lamborghini Aventador electric ride on toys. Kids who want a two wheel or four wheel bike are not forgotten about either with the ATV, Quad and Motor Cross Bikes. Whatever your kid wants in a car or bike, Kidz Auto have you covered.

Your Kid’s Safety Is Always First

If you are worried about your kid’s safety with one of our ride on toys, don’t be! Safety is one of our top priorities when it comes to sourcing and selling these cool gifts. Not only are there two-speed options available on most models, all vehicles come with working seat belts, safe rubber wheels and remote controls that put the power in your hands when you don’t want them to drive themselves or to help them get out of sticky situations. We would never put our own kids in a vehicle that was unsafe and we don’t expect you to do the same.

So if you are looking for your kid’s next Christmas gift, and want to make sure it is a memorable one that they will truly love, we feel passionately about our battery powered ride on toys. At Kidz Auto, we deliver at very reasonable prices to all regions in Australia and New Zealand. We also have a variety of payment, assembly, gift wrapping and Lay-by options to choose from, to ensure that your own specific needs and requirements are met.