Electric Ride-on Motor Cross Bikes

Electric Ride-on Motor Cross Bikes

Kidz Auto Motor Cross bikes are absolutely fantastic for children who like cruising around on two wheels. What makes this electric ride-on toy even more exciting is that unlike many other bikes on the market, this ride-on is truly great on many different terrain types. It may look cool, but it doesn’t stop there! It is an awesome way to get your child exploring in a safe, affordable and fun way!

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Hours of Fun on this Fantastic Ride-On

This awesome bike is powered by a rechargeable 6volt battery which will ensure that your little adventurer will have hours of fun cruising around on their new favourite toy.  The 6volt battery doesn’t just make the ride on move, it provides more power to the ride-on which means that even the older kids can enjoy this fun toy! Also, as there is more power going to the dual motors, there is also loads more add-ons on this awesome bike. Check out the Add-ons section below to find out more!


Perfect for Exploring

This fantastic ride-on is brilliant for roaming around the great outdoors. Its two safety wheeled design means that it is perfect for getting through tight spaces and is an electric ride-on that knows no boundaries! This is one of our sportiest bikes meaning that your little daredevil can unleash their true potential. This ride-on electric bike fits perfectly in the boot of your car so even the garden fences aren’t the limit!

What is the best age for this kids ride-on Motor Cross bike?

This electric ride-on bike is aimed for children between the ages of 3-7. This large range means that this ride-on will keep your child entertained for years and makes it great value for money! This electric bike can carry up to 25kg and is extremely sturdy so you can be sure that it is completely safe for your little one.


Full to the brim with Add-ons!

Add-ons are an essential part to a great electric ride-on bike! A Kidz Auto product isn’t complete without loads of awesome extras. With this particular category of ride-on bikes, your child will feel like they are riding a real motor cross bike because it has working lights, realistic horn and impressive engine noises. Not only this, but it also looks the part too! This bike is covered in authentic motor cross stickers to get the neighbours heads turning as your little daredevil races through on their brand new, shiny motor!