Product Review: 2017 Ford Ranger – Pink

Our 2017 Ford Ranger in stunning pink offers that extra bit of power and a whole lot more. Let’s have a closer look under the hood and see why you should consider one of these awesome ride-on cars for the little driver in your family.

What is a Ride-On Car?

Electric ride-on cars, like the featured 2017 Pink Ford Ranger, are one of the hottest gifts out there right now. Gone are the days when your kid had to use their feet to kick/push along the car as they sit inside them. With battery powered ride-on cars, your child can get around in style. However, with the huge variety of ride-ons available online, it can be overwhelming to choose one that is right for you. Kidz Autos specialise in ride on toys and we do our utmost to sell only high-quality toy vehicles at reasonable prices.

What is so special about the Licensed Ford Ranger in Pink?

This is not just about any old electric ride-on, but a rather stunning, slick and fully licensed Ford Ranger in pretty metallic pink. With the official Ford emblem on the front and rear, this is a 4×4 that will turn heads.

Ford Ranger Full of Features

Our Pink fully Licensed Ford Ranger is kitted out with everything your little bundle of joy could want and need with features including:

  • Twin 35W motors – ensure a smooth ride with great handling on various surfaces, including grass
  • 24-volt battery – capable of achieving low and high speeds of 3 km/h and 5 km/h, respectively
  • Two soft and comfortable leather seats
  • Fully functioning steering wheel
  • Fully functioning forward and reverse gear – for a truly versatile and realistic driving experience
  • Seatbelts


Moreover, there is also a lot of really cool stuff that shows Kidz Autos have really thought about what kids want from toy vehicles.  There is MP3 music connectivity to enable youngsters to listen to their favourite tunes and realistic sound effects to give them that full-on driving experience.

This truly realistic driving experience is further enhanced by features such as two leather seats, working doors and even working lights. If your kid has always wanted to feel like mummy or daddy does when they drive, the Pink 2017 Ford Ranger is the best way to give it to them. The fact that it’s a two-seater car means that a friend or sibling can come ride along for all the adventures.

Not content with including all the essentials, we have included in this beautiful pink Ford Ranger a key that your kid can use to start the car, adding to the overall realistic feel. There is even a car boot tray for them to keep other toys or clothes and groceries if they go out shopping in their snazzy pink Ford!

Safety is Always a Priority

Although you will want to let your kid lose on the mean streets of the playground, a park or your backyard in their stunning Ford, it is advised that you supervise them at all times. If—and it is a big if—your kid gets in trouble due to the maximum 5 km/h speed this baby can reach (and let’s face it, with kids anything can happen)—there is a parental remote control that allows you, mums and dads, to take over the controls and keep your kid safe.

So if you want a gift that will really excite your kid and give them hours and hours of fun while looking cool at the same time, consider the Pink 2017 Ford Ranger—seriously. Not only will the other kids beg their own mums and dads for one of their own, but so too will the ‘older kids’ (looking at you dads!).