Kidz Auto Green ATV 

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Battery Voltage
Seat Belt
Music and Sounds
Remote Control
Max Weight

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Kidz Auto Green All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

This exciting Green ATV swaps the steering wheel with hardcore turning handles and amps up the opportunity for exploration and adventure. Twin motors easily drives the four super thick, wilderness-ready quad tires over pavement, grass, and gravel; nothing will stop their fun! The chrome features, mock suspension, and dashboard details have a grown-up look while the built-in music player and horn add to the long list of kid-friendly qualities.

Recommended Age Range Suitable for 4 – 8 Years of Age
Power 1 x 12volts 7ah Rechargeable Battery
Motor Two Driving Motors – 2 x 35W
Speed Hi Speed 5kph / Low Speed 3kph
Gears Forwards and Reverse
Weight Capacity Up to 35 kg
Car Dimensions Length 100cm
Height 72cm
Width 65cm
Weight 20kg Ride-On Green ATV
Cool Stuff Remote Control
Push Button Start
FM Radio
4 Coil Metal Suspension
What’s Included Your Very Own Kidz Auto Green ATV
Australian Standard Battery Charger
Owner’s Manual