Licensed Audi Q7 – White 

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Battery Voltage
Seat Belt
Music and Sounds
Remote Control
Max Weight

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Kidz Auto Audi Q7 – Electric Ride On Toy Cars in Australia

This kids ride-on is awesome, not only because it is a licensed Audi, it exudes confidences and quality! Watch as your child roams the great outdoors, no matter the terrain. Packed with both safety features and really cool add-ons, this is not a ride-on you want your child to miss out on! Complete with real working lights, rubber wheels, a realistic horn and opening doors, your child will forget that this is not a full sized Audi! However, don’t fret, this ride-on also comes with a remote control so that you have the power to bring your child back if they get a little too adventurous in their cool new toy.

Recommended Age Range Suitable for 4 – 8 Years of Age
Power 2 x 6volts 7ah Rechargeable Battery
Motor Dual Driving Motors – 2 x 35W
Speed Hi Speed 5kph / Low Speed 3kph
Gears Forwards and Reverse
Weight Capacity Up to 40 kg
Car Dimensions Length 121cm
Height 64cm
Width 49cm
Weight 20kg Ride-On Audit Q7
Cool Stuff Remote Control
Rubber Wheels
Adjustable Seat
Push Button Start
Opening Doors
Seat Harness
What’s Included Your Very Own Kidz Auto White Audi
Australian Standard Battery Charger
Owner’s Manual