Kidz Auto 24v Beach Buggy – Blue (Refurbished) 

This is a beast! 24v & 4x Motors for Massive Power!

  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Side Front
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Front
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Front Doors
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Side
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Back Side
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Back
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Dashboard
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - 4 Wheel Drive
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Dashboard - Close
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Full Dash
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Seat & Seatbelt
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Remote
  • 24V Beach Buggy - Blue - Back Wheel


Battery Voltage
Seat Belt
Music and Sounds
Remote Control
Max Weight

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Our Refurbished Ride-Ons are exactly like new, they may have been involved in a small fender bender and have been refurbished to new.. new batteries, motors, everything just like new except at a reduced price.. even better they will be delivered assembled.. In case you are in the area and would like to pick-up your set of wheels, please select pick-up from our Lysterfield depot. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 0402-963-526 or email

Kidz Auto 24v Beach Buggy – Blue

Every kid in Australia wants to own this beast of a car. Our 24v Beach Buggy for children is MASSIVE, has 4 motors and is 24v (parallel batteries)! Not only that it comes with slow and fast gears, a parental remote control, battery level indicator, leather seats and much more! This car is huge and perfect for the kid that wants the “best in class” ride on car. Our camouflage green Beach Buggy will give your little one an awesome driving experience because this ride on toy car is all that kids in Australia talk about!

The ride-on car featured in this video is identical to the advertised product, just a different colour.

Kidz Auto 24v Beach Buggy – Blue

Recommended Age Range Suitable for 4 – 8 Years of Age
Power 2 x 12volts 7ah Rechargeable Batteries (24volts)
In parallel to increase drive time (not power)
Motor Four Driving Motors – 4 x 35W
Speed Hi Speed 6kph / Low Speed 4kph
Gears Forwards and Reverse
Weight Capacity Up to 50 kg
Car Dimensions Length 130cm
Height 80cm
Width 84cm
Weight 34kg Ride-On 4WD
Cool Stuff Parental Remote Control
MP3 Functionality
Adjustable Leather Seat
Adjustable Rear Suspension Hard and Soft
USB/SD Car Socket
Working Lights
Battery Indicator
Seat Belt
Slow Start
Working Doors
What’s Included Your Very Own Kidz Auto 24v Beach Buggy
Australian Standard Battery Charger
Owner’s Manual

Four Driving Motors & Two Batteries

Our powerful green electric buggy for kids has four driving motors (4 x 35W) for the better performance! This mighty electric-powered beach buggy has two 12V batteries for your mighty young driver! The batteries come with a charger so your little one doesn’t lose much fun time when the battery gets drained.

Awesome Speed of 4 to 6 km/h

With a speed range of 4 – 6 km/h, Kidz Auto green beach buggy is perfect for kids that are ready for some speedy adventure time! This motorized vehicle for cool kiddies has two gears: slow & fast, and a slow start! That makes this green beach buggy best suitable for children aged from 4 to 8; and it also has a weight capacity of up to 50kg.

Safety Features

Green Beach Buggy is equipped with a seat belt to hold your kid safely in a seating for one. We have also packed a 2.4G remote control because the safety of your little one is our priority! You can now easily take over the control of your kid’s electric vehicle and manage it yourself for extra safety!

Awesome Leather Adjustable Seat

Our green beach buggy is awesomely stylish and would suit your kid for sure! This fun kids’ electric car has an adjustable leather seat that provides a comfortable ride for your little one! It suits both boys and girls, so whether you have a daughter or a son, our awesome toy on wheels will be perfect for him or her!

Cool Features

Kidz Auto Beach Buggy – Green has working doors, adjustable rear suspension and realistic working lights to give the impression of a beach buggy for grown-ups. EVA rubber tires and 4 wheel drive make the driving experience so awesome! Your kid will spend so much fun time driving Kidz Auto electric beach buggy! It also has MP3 Connectivity if your kid wants to play some music during the ride.

Our ride on toys are of the highest quality but a lot of exposure to sand, dirt and gravel may damage the car’s engine and gearbox and won’t be covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Ride on Cars Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a question about our ride-on cars? We’ve answered the most commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch.

About our cars

We source cars from around the world to ensure that you get the best quality at the best price. It also depends on the make and model.

A fully charged battery should last between 45 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes depending on the surface the car is riding on, the weight the child and the frequency of it being driven. The flatter and smoother the surface, the longer the battery will last. After 100 recharges you will start to notice that you won’t be getting the same run time between charges, please get in contact with us for spare parts and we can quote you on the replacement and delivery of a new battery.

Please ensure that you DO NOT charge the battery for any longer than 8 hours. If the battery is charged for longer it will unfortunately cause permanent damage and you will need to replace it. You need to also ensure that you charge the battery at least once a month when not in use.

All our cars can be operated by your young one. And depending on the vehicle will depend on if it has a parental remote control. To know which cars can also be controlled by remote control we have a “Remote Control” icon in the features section as well as the “What’s included” section. To switch from self/driver control to the remote is easy – it’s just a flick of a switch.

If your ride on car won’t start the first thing to check is that you have removed the plastic seal from the battery connector plug. When you get your ride on car, the battery cable is protected with a plastic seal. Remove the plastic seal before you connect it with the battery so that a proper connection is made.

Delivery Questions

Once your order and payment has been completed you should expect to receive your awesome new ride-on car within 5-7 business days for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane metropolitan areas, and 7-9 business days for other areas.

Delivery costs vary by destination and we work with a number of different delivery companies to get the best price for you. To get an estimate of how much shipping will be you can click “Calculate Shipping” and enter your postcode on the page of any ride-on car you are looking buy.

Yes, we do offer express post. When selecting your prefered shipping method select “TNT Overnight Express”.

Currently no, this is a feature we are building though. We normally ship your item very quickly after being received and paid.

For sure you can. Just select the “Pickup” option when you checkout and then in the “Order Notes” section let us know the details. Car dimensions and weight is on each page to give you a good idea of shipping costs.

Just simply enter the Australian delivery address at check-out and place any details in the “Order Notes” that you would like us to know.

If after you have filled in your overseas billing address and Australian shipping address but the shipping costs still isn’t being calculate, please enter the billing address as the Australian address as well. Don’t worry, we will still send you all the required details & invoices to your email address.

Still having an issue? We’re sorry! We have had a very few people say they are still facing this issue. Our team is trying to see what the potential issue could be. If you are still facing an issue please get in touch with us ( and we will be able to manually process your order.

It depends on how quick you are! If the order has already been shipped then unfortunately it’s not possible to change it. If we can track down your order before it’s dispatched, we’ll be happy to have you come by to pick it up from us.

Yes, we also have ride on cars in New Zealand. Just visit to see our complete range.

Note: Our Ride-On Cars have a Lead Acid battery so they are not allowed to be transported by air freight. If you did want to purchase this for someone overseas and need to ship it to them via airfreight you won’t be able to. Sorry!

All cars are couriered by road and we use a range of trusted delivery companies including; Toll, Allied, TNT, StarTrack, Fastway and Australia Post. Our selection is based on the best price at the time of order. If you have a delivery preference, please let us know.

Payments and Ordering Questions

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Afterpay, Zippay, or direct deposit into our CBA account. A cash payment can also be made in case you’ve opted to pick-up your new ride-on car. We also offer you the option to pay by layby.

We have introduced layby to make it easier to get your car. When purchasing your ride-on car just select “Layby Order” and when we receive your order we will send across your payment schedule. Please remember to add the date you would like to have it delivered to the “Order Notes” section.

Yes, we offer both AfterPay & Zippay. Just select the car that you want and then on the checkout page select AfterPay or Zippay as your payment method. This will connect you to your AfterPay or Zippay account to complete the purchase.

Pickup Options

Yes, if you are based in Victoria you can pick up from our Melbourne showroom, or if you are based in Queensland from our Brisbane distribution centre. When on the checkout page just select the “Pick-Up” option under shipping.

Our shop is located in Lysterfield, Melbourne, Victoria (3156). If you want to pop by for a visit to see the range of cars to see them in action you’re always more than welcome. We also have a distribution centre in Brisbane where you can buy online and pickup in Brisbane to save on the shipping costs.

Yes, when purchasing the car just let us know who will be picking it up in “Order Notes” section on the checkout page. If you would like to change who picks up the car after you have already made a purchase, just send us a quick email.

Yes, this isn’t a problem. Just send us a quick note with the address you would like it shipped to. We will let you know the exact shipping cost and once paid we will ship your order out!

For sure you can. Just select the “Pickup” option when you checkout and then in the “Order Notes” section let us know the details. Car dimensions and weight is on each page to give you a good idea of shipping costs.

We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am until 4pm. It’s always a little busy so it’s best if you get in touch with us before to make the trip out to be sure someone can be at your service.

We have our shop & physical location in Melbourne, and a distribution centre in Brisbane where you can buy online and pickup, and we ship to all of Australia. If you want to see our cars in action, we upload videos to our Kidz Auto YouTube channel to give you a better idea of our car range, how large they are on all their features.

Yes, we have all ride-on cars in stock. If you like what you see you can pay on the spot with cash, debit or credit card. Alternatively, we can send you our PayPal details and you can pay online.

Our physical location is in Melbourne and at the moment we don’t have other physical locations in Australia. If you want to see our cars in action, we upload videos to our YouTube channel to give you a better idea of our car range, how large they are on all their features.

Warranty, Assembly & Repairs

We offer a 6 month manufacturer warranty. In case your car isn’t performing as expected please send us an email with a brief description of the problem and a contact number. We will get in contact with you to help diagnose the problem over the phone, and if we still can’t get you up and running, we will send out spare parts or a replacement car to make sure your young one isn’t off the road for to long.

We also offer a 100% guarantee that if you’re in any way not happy with the goods you have ordered, we will exchange them or give you a full refund within 7 days of receipt of the goods. To be eligible for a return, your item must be sent back to us (Lysterfield, VIC) unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging (unopened).

Once we receive you return we will give it a quick once over and if everything is ok your refund will be processed (this normally 10 working days).

Yes, we offer a 6 month manufactures guarantee on all cars and a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not in any way happy with the goods you have ordered. You can check out more details here –

In case your ride-on car isn’t performing as expected please send us a quick email with a brief description of the problem and a contact number. We will get in contact to try and get you up and running as quickly as we can. In case we can’t get you up and running over the phone we will send out spare parts or a replacement ride-on car to make sure your young one isn’t off the road for too long.

If you are having trouble getting your car going, not to worry, we can tune up your old ride-on cars with Kidz Auto Servicing. Our price for an initial investigation is $30, and we won’t go ahead with repairs until we give you a quotation on required parts and labor. You can get more details here –

Assembling our ride-on cars is easy and anyone can do it. If you would prefer to save time you can let us take your car out of the box and assemble your awesome ride-on for you. Just select “Assembly” when you checkout, and your awesome new ride-on will arrive completely assembled and ready to go.


Pickup from Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Sydney!

Pick up your awesome ride on car for from Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. When selecting your awesome ride on car, enter a Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Sydney zip code and then select pickup!Ride on Car Pickup Melbourne Perth Brisbane Sydney
You can view and buy our cars at our Melbourne showroom. Brisbane, Perth and Sydney are distribution centres and you can only pick up after purchasing online.


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