These Stylish Ride On Cars for Kids Are Simply Awesome!

These Stylish Ride On Cars for Kids Are Simply Awesome!

Kids ride on cars are one of the best gifts you could ever give your child. They have the ability to put a smile on your little ones face right away. The amount of excitement and thrill that ride on cars give your little ones is simply tremendous!

However, with a huge variety of ride-on cars in the market today, finding the best one could be a daunting task. Also, most ride-ons are priced high, deterring you from buying your child one.

We, at Kidz Auto, are here to solve this problem of yours. We offer you some of the best cars at the lowest rates all throughout Australia. But compromising on quality is never our thing! Our products are made using only high-quality materials to ensure that you get the best value for your money. We help your child get the best time of his life, without drilling a hole in your pocket.

Options are never-ending at Kidz Auto! We have a wide variety of electric ride on cars that you could choose from with the best designs, colours and fantastic features that will keep your child entertained throughout. Also, one of our greatest priority is safety! All our cars have great safety features to ensure your child gets a safe ride, allowing you to simply relax and watch your child grow up in style!

With Kidz Auto, we guarantee only the best and nothing less!

So, take a look at a list of the most stylish kids ride on cars that Kidz Auto has to offer you!

Licensed Le Ferrari

Wow and only wow! That’s how we define this one. Our Licensed Le Ferrari is a mean machine that will give your child the feeling of being totally ‘cool’. The winged doors of this ride on car just like the real one is a total jaw dropper and will make your kid the star of the block.

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It comes with some amazing features that make it the best buy among most Australians. Its features include a 12-volt rechargeable battery, twin driving motors, forward and reverse gears, key start, working lights and sounds with an MP3 connector and volume control. Addedly, it comes with leather cushion seats to keep your kid comfortable and of course, a seat belt to keep your little one safe. This sophisticated Licensed Le Ferrari is stylish enough to draw attention right away!

Licensed Mercedes AG A45

Who doesn’t want a Mercedes, right? You would never say no to it and neither will you kid! Your kid’s really going to thank you for this one for sure. This is a fully licensed AG A45 Mercedes that comes with all the amazing accessories that you would expect in a classy real Mercedes.

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Low battery indicator, leather cushion seat, radio, MP3 player, three speed ranges, seat belt, light and sounds – what more could you ask for? This mini Mercedes is going to give your child the best ride ever! There’s no doubt with this cool Mercedes, you’re going to get that feeling of jumping in right away and driving off in the car yourself!

Licensed Ford GT

This Licensed Ford GT will be the talk of the town we guarantee. It’s a high-quality super-sleek machine that comes with amazing features like a built-in MP3 connector, sound system and cool lights that will keep your little one entertained for hours together.

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The interiors of the Licensed Ford GT are luxurious as well maintaining the real feel while being comfortable at the same time. Complete with a gearstick with forward and reverse gears, we’ve designed the car keeping your child’s safety in mind with seat belts and a parental remote control. And of course, don’t miss the 12-volt battery and twin driving motors that’s definitely a good deal for your money.

Licensed Audi QT

If your little one is the adventurous kind then this cool Licensed Audi Q7 is the best one to buy. Your kid can enjoy exploring and creating superb memories with this amazing ride-on car. So, what’s special about this one? Well, a lot!

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Packed with amazing features, this ride-on car has real rubber wheels to travel on different terrains with twin driving motors and an adjustable seat for that added comfort. The working MP3 connector and authentic sounds make this adventurous trip a joy ride for your kids. It also comes with a push button start, working lights and a parental remote control when you want to help your little one around.

Kidz Auto Police Car

Does your kid always dream of being a tough cop? Well, how about gifting your little cop-to-be our Kidz Auto Police Car? We are proud to bring to you our high-quality police car that’s just awesome.

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Loaded with fantastic features, this police car comes with a built-in microphone, flashing lights, MP3 connector, luxurious leather seats, twin driving motors, forward and reverse gears, parental remote control, authentic sounds and 12 volts battery. In this one, your little one can enjoy chasing the bad guys around the streets, while you simply sit back and have a hearty laugh, watching your little hero.

Buy Your Ride on Car Today!

These kids ride on cars from Kidz Auto are a great way to make dreams come true. Nothing could be better than seeing a smile on your child’s face. We open doors to experiencing adventure on wheels for your little one. Ride on cars from Kidz Auto is the perfect way to keep your child happy and entertained.

With having sold over a thousand ride on cars to Australians, we pride ourselves in making our customers happy. Kidz Auto delivers all over Australia in the fastest delivery time possible. We tie-up with only the best and trusted delivery companies in Australia, so that you get your ride on car on time and in perfect condition

You can select from a variety of delivery options or you could choose to pick your car yourself from Queensland (Brisbane), Western Australia (Perth) and Victoria (Melbourne). However, if you wish for your car to be shipped to your doorstep, we can arrange that for you as well for a nominal cost!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these stylish ride on cars today!