What’s the Best Ride on Car for Christmas?

What’s the Best Ride on Car for Christmas?

Christmas is many things for many people, but for kids, it’s always top of mind are the great gifts that they are dreaming of. After all, they were good the whole year just so Santa will bring them something awesome. With such great expectations laid on the shoulder of parents, buying a worthy gift is important.

So what can you get your child that will make them jump up and down with joy? Why not a ride-on car?

Kids LOVE ride on cars since it makes them feel grown-up like their mom and dad. They also have the added advantage of encouraging outdoor activities. Here are the best electric ride-on cars from Kidz Auto.

Licensed Maserati

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Just like its name, this is a luxury sports electric ride-on car that will make your child feel super stylish. The plush interior and realistic controls will give the feel of a real Maserati. It comes with an MP3 port, built-in sound system and working lights. 

But it doesn’t forego safety for style. There is a seatbelt to keep your child safe while they drive around and unlike its superfast counterpart, this Maserati can only go at 5 kph. It also comes with a parental control remote. The car is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery. It is available in both red and white.          

24v Beach Buggy

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If your kids are a little older and like adventure, they will love this beach buggy. This massive car is powered by 4 motors running on two 12V rechargeable batteries. This car comes in five different colours, has leather seats, MP3 sound system and working lights.

It goes both forward and reverse and has two-speed modes – 6kph and the 4kph. But don’t be scared that your kid would just go ‘Vroooommm’ at the press of a button. The car has a slow-start feature and also offers a remote control for parents.

Licensed Le Ferrari

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Who doesn’t love a Ferrari? It is the ultimate style statement and your kids will love driving this one around. It even comes with the winged doors that have become Ferrari’s signature. It can go forward and reverse, has fully functioning lights and sound system and leather seats.

This car also comes with two driving motors and two speeds – 3kph and 5kph. The seat belt keeps your child safe while driving and you can also control the vehicle using the remote. It operates on two 6V rechargeable batteries.

2018 Kidz Auto Offroader

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Does your kid love drive to on adventurous terrain? Give them the fun of offroading in your yard with this Kidz Auto Offroader. It even comes with a good suspension system. The forward and reverse mode, working lights and the sound system give the feel of a real offroader.

It only has one driving mode and doesn’t have parental remote and seatbelts. It might be better suited for kids who are a little older.

Licensed Ford Ranger

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Does your child want to drive a car similar to the one you drive? The ride-on licensed Ford Ranger is the perfect option to fulfil that wish. It is a sturdy vehicle with a working suspension and seatbelts.

As a powerful ride-on car with four driving motors powered by two 12V rechargeable batteries, leather seats, lights and the sound system, it resembles the real deal. It also comes with two-speed modes at 3kph and 5kph, but it starts slow and also has a remote control for you.

Give Your Child the Best This Christmas!

The ride-on cars from Kidz Auto are very sturdy, made from high-quality materials and are extremely safe. All the cars will run for 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes when the battery is fully charged.

Kidz Auto is known for its excellent after-sale service and can replace any damaged parts, including the batteries. Assembling the cars is also pretty straightforward, but you can opt to have it assembled by their professionals during delivery. All the cars have a 6 month warranty period and old cars can also be tuned up for a small fee.

With an excellent sales record and lots of happy customers in the past, Kidz Auto is the perfect destination for shopping for the ideal Christmas gift for your child.