Licensed Ford Ranger

Licensed Ford Ranger – Electric Ride On Toy Cars

Rugged, sturdy & resilient. The perfect ride-on toy car!

Looking for the perfect ride-on car for your son or daughter? You have found it – a Licensed Ford Ranger from Kidz Auto. This electric toy car combines power, safety and toughness to ensure that your kid will be the coolest kid on the block.


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The Authentic Driving Experience

A ride on toy Ford Ranger is one of the best driving experiences for kids. Our Licensed Ford Rangers come with working doors, a key start, leather seats and working lights! If that isn’t enough these electric toy cars also have a MP3 connector to enjoy tunes on your drive, seat belts and a car boot tray.


A Powerful Electric Car with Dual 12v Motors

All our Ford Rangers have dual 12v motors powering both back wheels allowing your kids to get the best outdoor driving experience. These motors are encased under a thick cover to ensure that even when your little one is off road the motors are protected.


Enough battery life to last for hours

You want to ensure that your little one has enough driving time when they are out on their adventures. With a 12v rechargeable battery your child will get hours of fun between charges.


What ages is this electric toy car suited for?

This electric ride on car is best suited for children between the age of 4 and 8, or between 15kg and 40kgs. These ride on toys also have a passenger seat, so your little one can even give their younger sibling a ride when in need!