Repair form


  • Please complete the entire form and include pictures of the battery compartment and wiring and any supporting videos
  • If unknown, please provide the email and postal address used when you purchased the car
  • **For Non Kidz Auto Cars please advise where you purchased it from, the make and model of car and provide a photo of it for us. Please note we may not have the parts compatible for your Ride-On**
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, mp4, png, mov, avi, mpeg-2, mkv, wmv.
  • Before we proceed, lets do some standard checks of your Ride-On
    To do this, look underneath the seat or under the bonnet at the wiring. One at a time, unplug each plug and check inside the plug for any bent pins or a build up of dust or dirt. Firmly plug the plug back together
    If unsure of the recommended time, please charge for 8 hours
  • If your charger does not have a light, please put N/A
  • Does the car turn on?
  • Please answer the following questions
  • There is a voltage meter on the music module which is located near the radio and USB. It is a red number that displays about 10 seconds after you turn the car on.