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European Inspired Ride on Cars for Your Kids!

European Inspired Ride on Cars for Your Kids!

Kids of any age are fascinated by cars, especially ride on cars!

Take them to any shopping mall or a toy store and you would notice them darting towards the ride on cars section for a merry ride, and their pestering can be quite a handful. So, instead of them having to bother you every time to allow them to sit just once on a ride on car, how about gifting them a personal one? Good idea, right?

But how will you decide on which car (brand) and from where you can get one?

Kidz Auto is the place to go to! If your child is in love with European brands like Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes, Maserati GranTurismo or the Volkswagen, they are all here and that too at affordable rates!

Here is a List of Snazzy Cars and Their Features to Choose From!

Licensed Le Ferrari

This yellow open-top beauty is a head-turner with authentic winged doors! It is suitable for kids from 3 to 8yrs and can carry a maximum of 30 kgs weight. Available in an attractive yellow colour, in just $349 or by 4 easy instalments of $87.25 with Afterpay, this car can be your child’s.

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It is replete with cool and sophisticated features such as a 12v rechargeable battery and twin driving motors, an MP3 function for music. For your little drivers to get a real drive feel, the car moves with two speeds (a high-speed of 5kph and low-speed of 3kph), has gears with forward and reverse, and a key start for easy beginnings. With an LCD battery indicator and real working lights, this chic car is a must for your home!

Licensed Audi Q7

This one is for the sleek and the stylish kid! This uber cool black Audi Q7 is available for just $299 or in 4 payments of $74.75 with Afterpay as a pocket-friendly measure. Its fantastic features include twin driving motors, real working lights, rubber wheels for rugged terrains, adjustable seats, and an MP3 connector for music.

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The beastly vehicle also comprises of full-seat harness, a push start button, and SAAA approved battery charger. It is best suited for kids from 4 to 8yrs with a maximum weight of 40 kgs.

Licensed Mercedes AMG A45

Mercedes have always been considered a beauty and a pride to the owner! And this black beauty comes at a price of just $349 or at 4 payments of $87.25 each with Afterpay. A sleek ride for your kid in this comes with features such as forward and reverse gears, twin driving motors, working doors, speed control ranging from 3 to 5km per hour. Addedly, an MP3 connector with an efficient sound system, SAAA approved battery charger and 12 volts (2 x 6volts 7Ah rechargeable) batteries are going to make this car your kid’s best ride buddy.

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The car’s dimensions are length 120cm, height 76cm and width 55cm. Available from 3 to 8yrs of age with the maximum weight being 40 kgs, acquire this attractive and sophisticated car for your child today!

Licensed Maserati GranTurismo MC

Bring on this trendy and modern car for your little one. Available in a sizzling red colour, it comes in $249 or in 4 easy payments of $62.25 with Afterpay. It is suited for children 3 to 8yrs with a maximum weight of 35 kgs.

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This head-turner sleek ride comes with a 12v Battery (7Ah) and twin driving motors. The maximum speed that this car can go up to is 5 kph with forward and reverse gears. It’s statistical measurements include length: 110cm, width: 61cm and height: 34cm. The licensed Maserati comes with a volume belt, LCD battery indicator and an MP3 connector with state-of-the-art lights and sounds keeping your kid busily entertained while driving.

Licensed Volkswagen Amarok

The last but not the least definitely! Neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride. This how we can describe this black open-top Volkswagen that will ensure that your child and his/her car is the talk of the town. Suitable for kids from 4 to 8yrs with a maximum of 30 kgs weight, the Volkswagen is available for $379 or via an instalment of $94.75 with Afterpay. It can be sped up to 5kph and comes with twin driving motors (2x35W).

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It has the forward and reverse gears and the power of 1 x 12volt 7Ah. It comes with a push button slow start keeping safety in mind, a USB/SD card socket for playing songs for your child, a radio/MP3 connector, a suspension, LED clock and working lights. Two adjustable leather seats and a battery indicator are just a few more of this classic’s features.

This luxury also has storage space in the boot and under the bonnet usually not available in other cars, doors that open and windscreen wipers, and the envious chrome sills and alloy wheel trims. This is almost a replica of the full-size version of the actual Volkswagen and ‘licensed by VW, which means that it is made under the company’s supervision and that the overall quality, paintwork and electrics are of a higher standard than those of budget ranges.’ With this, your child can actually learn the basics of driving (steering and operations, controls and coordination) right from a young age.

A Review of Safety and Comfort

Kidz Auto ensures that it does not compromise on the safety of your child. All cars have a seat belt and leather cushion seats. They also come with an owner’s manual and a parental remote control for security along with rechargeable batteries. The batteries can last from 45 min to 1 hr 15 min depending on the child’s weight, frequency of the rides and the terrain driven on.


You can buy and pick these cars directly from the Kidz Auto centres at Queensland (Brisbane), Victoria (Melbourne) and Western Australia (Perth). The cars can also be shipped and delivered at your doorstep at a nominal cost. Kidz Auto also allows for pre-assembly, assembly on delivery and online lay-by! This guarantees efficacy, accountability and affordability.

It’s a Steal in this Deal!

Parents, go for these classic cars! This is the best time of the year to gift your child a ride on car. These cars are also a great way to keep your child away from the blaring effects of digital media. Fun, frolic and fresh air can make your little one smile and beam with joy when he/she sits in one of these licensed European brands inspired ride on cars. Gift your child a little world of his/her own, abounding with thrill and adventure; let them be explorers!